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Well, I REALLY want a list of required packages, so I will get started
working on it and will post the results as I discern them. 

What I'm planning so far is to create an environment to chroot into that
includes ONLY things that are required for ALL installations, including a
bash shell to execute the commands with, make, gcc, glibc, and the kernel
headers, plus anything else I determine to be universally required (I'm
going through the package list now to try and make that determination, but
the benefit of your experience would be welcome).  I'll tar/zip it so it can
be easily restored.  Then, one package at a time, compile things dynamically
and see what complaints I get.    

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On Wed, 30 Aug 2000, you wrote:

> > I want to be able to separate out "required" from "optional" packages so
> that I can install an LFS system that is as small and tight as is humanly
> possible, both for my firewall and my (newly found) laptop.
> Anybody have any ideas what packages can be done without in the final
> product without negatively impacting the usability of the system once you
> actually start using it?

Yes you can keep using the static one.

It's hard to tell which package you can do without, it all depends on your 
needs. I could say you can do without Perl, but if you do need autoconf you 
are going to need perl since autoconf and it's companion automake are Perl 

> Gerard, I believe you were working on documenting all of the package
> dependencies.  Any chance you can share what you have so far?  Any
> suggestions on how I can help you to figure what you don't already have?

I don't have anything written down. I was planning on doing so but then all 
kinds of things started coming in between and I have not had a chance of 
starting that little venture. I'll start on it when the 2.5.x dev. series 
start. I'll just start and make them available as I go. So 2.5.1 will have a

few but not all of them.

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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