lfs-2.4.3 - glibc installing

blythe at telkom.net blythe at telkom.net
Fri Dec 1 01:11:40 PST 2000

I have successed installing lfs-2.4.3 based from lfs-2.2.
I use three newer packages than the original lfs book does.
They are binutils-2.10.1, ncurses-5.2 and bin86-0.15.4.
The system is working fine so far, I have test it by compiling the kernel on it.
It was a great experience, compare to the lfs-2.2, it's much much easy and 
quick to do, I got the system works just in two days.
Thanks to all lfs people especially to the author.
I have two things that I want to share to you :
1. On installing glibc packages part, I add 'i486-pc-linux-gnu' to ./configure 
   command. I did it because I have two pc, one is i686 and the other is i486.
   Unless I did it, I won't get my lfs system running on my i486 pc. 
   I used i686 pc to install lfs. Consider this can be included in the book.
2. Above I say it's much easy and quick to install the lfs system, 
   one of the factor is I found a way to do it with more fun.
   In fact during installing process, I almost not typing the commands at all.
   This is how I did, first I got the mouse up (using gpm), then I opened html
   version of lfs book with links (my favorite browser), next I login to another
   terminal. When I needed to type the commands in the book, I switched to 
   the terminal that running the browser, I block the commands with mouse and 
   switch back to the terminal with a bash prompt, then I paste the commands 
   by clicking the middle button of my mouse and press return. 
   That's just I needed to do.
That's all from me and hope it's useful to others, bye.


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