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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Fri Dec 1 02:27:38 PST 2000

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[30.11.00 18:46]:
> On November 30, 2000 12:23 pm, you wrote:
> One reason being: the archives online are html versions which are created 
> from the mbox files. Why the online archives aren't in synch with the list 
> itself is because it takes quite a while to process the mbox file and make up 
> the html versions. Especially with the amount of mail that flows over the 
> lists I don't want to update the mail archives every hour or even quicker. It 
> used to be twice a day but I've changed it to once a day. It takes about 1.5 
> to 2 hours to recreate the search engine's database and create the online 
> mail archives. The mail archives itself don't take long (15 minutes or 
> something) but if the mail archives are newer than the search engine database 
> things are out of sync there. I want those two to be in sync  with eachother.
> Yes I am looking for better ways of doing it. So if you have suggestions for 
> a better search engine (i'm using htdig for that) and online mailinglists 
> (i'm using hypermail for that) please do give them. I'm not happy with a 2 
> hour process of creating the archives and database but i haven't found 
> software that's better.

I am not sure which SW I used some time ago to create a html-version of
my mboxes, but I remember that it was easy to hcreate an alias and pipe
new messages immediately to the mail2html-program.

You can still update the search-engine once a day then.

BTW - what about making htdig search only the mail-lists (and not the
whole site?)  - perhaps as an additional feature. I always wondered why
I got HOWTOs for this and that while searching the archive...


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