LFS editor of choice - cautionary tale!

James Green jim at vardus.net
Fri Dec 1 03:14:51 PST 2000

Something that I am suprised has not been mentioned in this whole debate
over editors is *where* the editor is installed. Perhaps this only really
applies if you install in different partitions, e.g. / hda2,  /usr hda3,
etc. However, the first time I installed LFS across partitions was back in
the day when I though emacs was worth the rescources it uses. I had
installed it in the place of vim in the book and everything was fine...
until I needed to drop down to run level 1... Of  course emacs was installed
in /usr and I had not bothered installing vi so I was in runlevel 1 without
an editor. Did I feel silly? I think so!

I guess the moral of the story is to have some sort of editor in /bin for
such occasions - clearly full blown emacs and the like is not sutable for
this, although ce (Chet's emacs) does the job nicely, so from personal
expernce I do recommned you have vi (or something) installed in /bin -
because some day, when your boss is screaming at you to get that server up
again, you just might wish you had!

just my 2pence,


P.S. To those no vi-ers, It really aint that bad to learn or use - and who
knows when you might have to get someones shonkOS^H^H^H^H^HSunOS box back up
again! (or your own for that matter!)

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