Error running /Sbin.lilo

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TIA is probably "Thanks in advance"

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  Noel Lagas wrote: 
    Fatal: Not a number: "/dev/hdc3" 
    I checked my /etc/lilo.conf, it almost like the exact copy as listed in the 
    book. Anyway, here is how my /etc/lilo.conf copy looked like: 


    I need some help to fix this and continue. TIA

  try replacing readonly with read-only (with a dash) 

  But that shouldn't give you a not a number error... 

  OKay... At first: is this your *whole* lilo.conf? if so, you haven't read the book right... Anyway, copy the lilo.conf from your OLD system to your LFS system, and *add* (not replace) the lines you wrote above, *below* the first entry. 
  (all thing marked with ** are important...) 

  If it still doesn't work: 
  - is your kernel /boot/lfskernel? (try cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/lfskernel) 
  - is yhe LFS partition really /dev/hdc3? 
  - RTFM (man lilo / man lilo.conf) 
  (sorry if i'm asking stupid questions, but you sound like a newbie, that's not meant negative) 

  what does TIA mean? 

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