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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Fri Dec 1 15:32:43 PST 2000

> The main reason I started LFS was to learn Linux system basics. I was 
> trying to learn how to use Red Hat but kept getting confused when I read 
> various HOWTOs because files where not where the HOWTOs said they should 
> be. I still get headaches from trying to use the rpm utility. 

rpm always scared me. It's one of the things that drove me to LFS. I got 
the impression that I could only upgrade my system with packages approved 
by my distribution maintainer, which is a situation worse than that on 
Windows. I never felt at ease with installing non-rpms, not to speak of 
rpms packaged for other distributions. I'm very glad that LFS allows me to 
live on a tarball-only diet.

There is a 
> perl software package I want to use that requires perl 5.6. I can't get 
> perl 5.6 into my RH6.2 install (without have two interpreters). I bought a 
> 5.2 package over a year ago when I first started toying with the idea of 
> getting away from Microsoft. It got installed as a dual boot but didn't get 
> used because I didn't know what to do with the command line prompt.

That's where LUGs come in (or at least friends who know Unix). I had a 
friend of mine introduce me to the Unix basics when I entered university 
and I don't think I could have done without that. I have to add that the 
same applies to Windows. You can't just grab someone off the street and 
put him before a Windows box. My mother is not even able to create and 
edit a simple text file under Windows even though she's been working with 
computers for about 10 years now (she uses DOS). So much about 
intuitiveness of operating systems.

> Though 
> RH7.0 has perl 5.6 I don't want to buy it. If I have to buy a new version 
> of Red Hat every six months to get stuff I want it will cost more and cause 
> more disruption to my system than buying the obligatory Microsoft Upgrade.

I had the same impression. Another reason why I'm building an LFS system 


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