Error running /Sbin.lilo

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Fri Dec 1 16:51:56 PST 2000

> Noel Lagas wrote:
> > Fatal: Not a number: "/dev/hdc3"
> >
> > I checked my /etc/lilo.conf, it almost like the exact copy as listed in the
> > book. Anyway, here is how my /etc/lilo.conf copy looked like:
> >
> > image=/boot/lsfkernel
> >         label=lfs
> >         root=/dev/hdc3
> >         readonly
> >
> > I need some help to fix this and continue. TIA
> try replacing readonly with read-only (with a dash)
> But that shouldn't give you a not a number error...
> OKay... At first: is this your *whole* lilo.conf? if so, you haven't read the book
> right... Anyway, copy the lilo.conf from your OLD system to your LFS system, and *add*
> (not replace) the lines you wrote above, *below* the first entry.
> (all thing marked with ** are important...)
> If it still doesn't work:
> - is your kernel /boot/lfskernel? (try cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage
> /boot/lfskernel)
> - is yhe LFS partition really /dev/hdc3?
> - RTFM (man lilo / man lilo.conf)
> (sorry if i'm asking stupid questions, but you sound like a newbie, that's not meant
> negative)

You might also try the lfs hint that describes setting up GRUB. It can 
replace LILO just fine and even offers an interactive command line for 
booting so that you don't need the edit/install/reboot cycle for debugging 
your configuration. 


If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

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