shutdown problems

Roger deBry debry at
Sat Dec 2 07:20:51 PST 2000

When I attempt to shutdown my $LFS system ( shutdown -r now ), I get the
following response:

The system is going down for reboot now!!
INIT: switching to run level: 6
INIT: sending processes the TERM signal
INIT: sending processes the KILL signal
/etc/rc6.d/K90sysklogd  stop
/etc/rc6.d/S80sendsignals  stop
/etc/rc6.d/S99reboot  stop
Give root password for maintenance
(or type Control-D for normal startup):

When I turn power off and power back on again, I notice that the $LFS
partition was not cleanly unmounted, and a check is forced.

I have scoured the archives and did note someone with the same problem. I
followed the advice in that thread of messages, but to no avail. I have
reviewed all of the scripts and the section of the LFS book dealing with the
installation of the scripts and cannot see any obvious errors. Now, I am no
expert in dealing with shell scripts, and I do not really understand the
shutdown process, so I am stuck. Can anyone give me any advice?

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