[OT] Re: LFS editor of choice should be vi

ken_i_m ken_i_m at elegantinnovations.com
Sat Dec 2 11:00:16 PST 2000

I think it is safe to say that I fit Jesse's "the avid-learner" profile. I 
am a 39 year-old carpenter that is trying to learn enough about 'these here 
bits and bytes' so that I don't have to put my toolbelt on to make a 
living. I am currently laid up at home with a broken foot as I dropped a 20 
foot long beam on it. Which goes a long way towards explaining why I want 
out of something I enjoy doing.

When I joined this list, I stated that I wanted to help. This tread got 
started as an indirect result of a question I asked. I just now went to 
http://www.cvshome.org/ and read their new_users page. I have been studying 
perl/mod-perl and mysql and hope to have a working website based on it 
soon. However, I recognized that my skills in such would not be of much 
help. I do enjoy writing and have been polishing my English skills for a 
number of years now. (Mrs. Roberts, my 8th grade teacher would be in total 

Jesse: Thank you for the long post. It gave me a nice overview of the 
background to the LFS project. Reading it increased my confidence that LFS 
is a project I want to spend time contributing to.

At 11:58 AM 12/2/00 -0500, Seth W. Klein wrote:

>I have professional experience building a perl/mod-perl and mysql site.
>I've worked with php and its mysql interface, and php is my preferred
>language for this stuff.

Seth: Why PHP? (I am presuming a dedicated server as opposed to a 
virtual-hosting environment.) The reason I ask is that I simply don't have 
the time to try out every new language trend that comes along, so I need 
some good reasons. I have not yet achieved proficiency in Perl (though I am 
getting there). I had started to learn C/C++ last spring but found that I 
needed to focus on one language if I were to have any hopes of true 
success. Once I have a handle on perl I will be looking for another one to 
tackle. What advantages do you see in PHP that would make me want to learn 
it next?

I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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