Building glibc-2.1.3

Harold Noad noadie at
Sun Dec 3 13:05:02 PST 2000

On Friday 01 December 2000 13:01, you wrote:

> i`m just building glibc-2.1.3 in chapter 5.
> My installation distribution is SuSE 6.3.

> configure complains with following message:
> checking for msgfmt... no
> checking for gmsgfmt... no
> checking for makeinfo... no
> configure: warning:
> *** An auxiliary program is missing or too old;
> *** some features will be disabled.
> *** Check the INSTALL file for required versions.

You are missing at least two packages, on your SuSE partition, gettext and 
Install the Suse rpms  and re-configure.

Harold Noad

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