Michael Renzmann mrenzmann at
Mon Dec 4 04:31:36 PST 2000


> > Ohhhh yes there is! I know this for a fact because I enabled it and my
> > rtl8139 network card works fine.
> > Look harder under the networking/ethernet 10Mbps options.
> This may sound weird, but I've talked to someone who simply had the
> option lacking in their make menuconfig.

Have a look at the "Network device support". Enable "Network device
support", then go right to "Ethernet (10 or 100 MBit)". Enable support
for "Ethernet (10 or 100 MBit)". Then you will find the option "Realtek
8129/8139 (not 8019/8029!) support ". This is what you want to enable.

Tested and locally approved on kernel-source-2.2.17.

Bye, Mike

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