Frank Langtind frank at
Mon Dec 4 04:34:01 PST 2000

I've also had this problem. I tried to configure the kernel using xconfig. 
The rtl8139 option was there, but I was not able to choose anything because 
it was grayed. I've tried to choose different configuration options above 
this point, but it seemed that I couldn't enable this option.


At 15:58 03.12.2000 +0000, you wrote:
>On Sunday 03 December 2000 13:33, you wrote:
> >
> >           "Matthias Minich" <matthias at> wrote:
> > > ahem, compile the kernel? I'm using 2.2.17 and there's no option to
> > > enable a rtl8139 chip.
> >
> > Ohhhh yes there is! I know this for a fact because I enabled it and my
> > rtl8139 network card works fine.
> >
> > Look harder under the networking/ethernet 10Mbps options.
> >
> > ~A.
>This may sound weird, but I've talked to someone who simply had the option
>lacking in their make menuconfig.
>I never had it myself, but apparently, already two people have this.
>I don't pretend to understand how this can be, though.
>A kernel tree is a kernel tree and shouldn't differ at all for anyone.
>Peter de Freitas
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