[OT] Roggenfloggen - nerdfood-HOWTO

Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at gmx.net
Mon Dec 4 10:52:40 PST 2000

On Monday 04 December 2000 11:34, you wrote:
> Hi.
> > > This means the passage should be regarded as underlined, showing it to
> > > be veeeeery important :)
> >
> > Hm, urm, well..
> > Perhaps, just suggesting, tho, not trying to be nasty, but, urm, how
> > about checking where you send these mails of yours?
> Well, that is a general problem of this mailing list. The "reply to" is
> changed to point back to the mailing list address, so hitting just
> "reply" in the e-mail program sends it to the list. I do not always
> remember / check that, so things like this may happen. Sorry for any
> inconvenience.
> This mail is intentionally sent to the mailinglist instead to the
> original author, hoping this to be a "big fat hint" for the maintainer
> of the list... please consider to change that "reply-to" problem.
> Bye, Mike

Which problem?
You mean changing it, that the reply to does not point to the list?
Please do _not_ do it! In most cases you want to reply to the list
(Well that is kind of the Idea behind a mailinglist, isn't it?)
so in the rare cases that you reply directly to the author of the subject, 
you can manualy change it.


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