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Vladimír Marek vlmarek at
Tue Dec 5 08:50:45 PST 2000

Hello to everyone,

I started to compile my own linux few days ago. Everything went ok. After
compilation of glibc for the first time, there is written in the book to run
localedef command. I think that this command has no meaning, because we are
still running our old system.

My problem is that I cannot compile make. After I run 'make LDFLAGS=-static',
it will finish with:

gcc  -g -O2 -static -o make  ar.o arscan.o commands.o dir.o expand.o file.o
function.o getopt.o implicit.o job.o main.o misc.o read.o remake.o rule.o
signame.o variable.o vpath.o default.o remote-stub.o version.o getopt1.o   
-lutil -lelf -lrt
job.o: In function `load_too_high':
/mnt/lfs/usr/src/make-3.79.1/job.c:1565: undefined reference to `getloadavg'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

getloadavg seems to be defined in getloadavg.c, but 
nm getloadavg.o:
00000000 t Letext

I am using gcc 2.95.2 from my original system and glibc 2.2. Do you think that
compiling my new gcc and use it to compile make may help ?

Thank you
Vladimír Marek <vlmarek at>

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