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Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Dec 6 07:24:24 PST 2000

+-ced-(hcedric at[06.12.00 04:24]:
> >chown root.root && chmod -R +ax *
> The "+a" argument seems to be invalid, at least
> in my chmod version.

I think it has to be "chmod -R a+x *" All (+)set eXecute. You can also
write "ugo+x" to do that. As the chmod-man-page says:

       The format of a symbolic mode  is  `[ugoa...][[+-=][rwxXs­
       tugo...]...][,...]'.   Multiple symbolic operations can be
       given, separated by commas.

       A combination of the letters `ugoa' controls which  users'
       access  to  the file will be changed: the user who owns it
       (u), other users in the file's group (g), other users  not
       in  the  file's  group  (o), or all users (a).  If none of
       these are given, the effect is as if `a' were  given,  but
       bits that are set in the umask are not affected.

       The  operator  `+'  causes  the permissions selected to be
       added to the existing permissions of each file; `-' causes
       them  to  be  removed;  and `=' causes them to be the only
       permissions that the file has.

       The letters `rwxXstugo' select the new permissions for the
       affected  users:  read  (r), write (w), execute (or access
       for directories) (x), execute only if the file is a direc­
       tory  or already has execute permission for some user (X),
       set user or group ID on execution (s), save  program  text
       on swap device (t), the permissions that the user who owns
       the file currently has for it (u),  the  permissions  that
       other  users  in the file's group have for it (g), and the
       permissions that other users not in the file's group  have
       for it (o).


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