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ken_i_m ken_i_m at
Wed Dec 6 12:02:57 PST 2000


My daze with Windoze has come back to haunt me. I had gotten into the habit 
of simply writing "Boot" on my boot disks.
Well, for some reason lilo can't figure out how to install itself on the 
hard drive of my LAN server. The RedHat installer can't figure it out 
either. So, I have just been booting off of a floppy and not worrying about it.
So, I wanted to make a boot disk for my new LFS and I grabbed the wrong 
one. Now I can't get either one (LFS or RedHat) to boot.
I remembered hearing about a "Tom's Root Boot Disk". Ran a search and 
d-loaded the "install from DOS" archive. Followed the instructions and 
created a floppy. I am able to boot my server box with this. However, after 
many attempts I am still unable to sort out how to get a new boot disk 
created so that I can boot the kernels installed on the hard drive.
I have a working dual boot (RedHat/LFS) system on my laptop. I did a 
"mkbootdisk" to create a RedHat boot floppy. I copied the image from the 
down box but get a kernel panic unable to mount root error. I have tried 
replacing the files in the boot directory on the floppy with the files from 
the down box. This results in the box being unable to find the bootstrap 
Either I am way down a dead-end road or I am close. One thing I am sure is 
that there has got to be an easier way. At any rate, my hair loss has 
experienced a huge surge this morning. Please help ken prevent hair loss.

Thank you,

I think, therefore, ken_i_m

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