bash problems

Matt Andrews mqatrombone at
Wed Dec 6 20:28:11 PST 2000

The statically linked bash to use while installing everything compiles
cleanly (or at least it looks that way), but when I try to run it
(using ./bash in $LFS/bin or bin/bash from $LFS) it returns:
bash: ./bash: No such file or directory
Yet it shows up when using ls:
-rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root      3684755 Dec  6 14:29 bash*

I've tried using the termcap library instead, an dit didn't work.
i redid it three times, removing the source and starting over from scratch 
and still no luck.
if you need to see the results of the compilation process, tell me what part 
you need and I'll post it

All the other packages I built worked, just not this one.

-Thanks in advance for any type of help
Matt Andrews
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