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Ghovs ghovs at
Thu Dec 7 04:58:36 PST 2000

On Thursday 07 December 2000 10:51, you wrote:
> Hi
> Could anyone explain to me the difference between static and dynamic
> linking? (LFS talkes about it in the beginning of the installation process
> of your LFS system).
> My guess is that static is kind of stand-alone and dynamic needs external
> files. But I'm not sure.

You're quite right.

Dynamic binaries depend on libraries to be installed on your system, while 
(bigger) static binaries can run without anything.

The idea is that by having a boatload of dynamic binaries, you're saving 

Often, for bootdisks which have only few binaries on them, the several 
hundreds of megabytes of libraries on a full system aren't worth it.

Peter de Freitas

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