Unreal Tournament, libesd, agpgart

Eric A. Ayer mwalker at ee.pdx.edu
Thu Dec 7 11:53:06 PST 2000

I have been trying to get Unreal Tournament to run under LFS for a good while,
and two nights ago, finally succeeded.  I am using an NVidia-based card, with
the NVidia drivers for it.  I want to breifly describe the process, and then
presentthe problems I'm still having.

The darn thing would not run forever.  I finally got a strace file (6 megs of
text :) and figured out that DGA was not enabled.  After screwing around with
that for a while, I found that there is a line in XF86Config that tells X not
to load it.  I commented that line out.

It still didn't run.  The next thing I found was that there was a file in
/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions called libGL.a.  After kicking its ass, UT
finally loaded.  It ran badly - it would go for 1/2 a second to several
seconds and the freeze for an amount of time between 1/2 a second and a minute
or so.

Finally I went back through and reinstalled all of X and the driver, paying
close attention to the driver instructions as found on Tom's Hardware Page.
There are a bunch of files in /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions, /usr/X11R6/
lib, and /usr/lib that are GL libs.  It says they come with Mesa3D, but they
are installed by X and they need to die.  After deleting them and installing
the glx portion of the driver, UT ran fairly well, at least on the first level
which is rather small.  Even with 128MB of RAM, it had problems in the second
level, which is a bit larger.

One possible reason is that I don't have AGPGart installed anywhere.  It isn't
part of the 2.2.17 kernel as far as I can tell, and I haven't gone back to
2.2.16 yet, which has it in character devices.  I saw somehting about AGPGart
somewhere in a library last night, and I'll try to find it, but if anyone has
experience with it, please let me know.

I also haven't run "top" on a X term on another computer while UT is running.
It could possibly tell me if I am indeed running out of memory, but I still
feel like it should run ok as my system is (dual 550MHz celeron, so no problem

The last really weird problem that I'm having is that the sound doesn't work.
I am sure that this is not an UT problem, but one in the drivers, specifically
with libesd (enlightenment sound daemon).  UT runs if Gnome has not been
loaded to a point: it hangs at one of the menus for starting a tournament -
but it does have sound working.  If, however, I do load Gnome, no sound works
at all.  I can't even cat a sound file (.wav) to /dev/dsp without an error
that the device is busy.  The major difference here is that Gnome loads esd.
If I try to play sounds from Gnome, using the sound-event manager, those don't
play either.  My conclusion is that esd is not installed correctly.  I
followed the hint for installing Gnome on the LFS-hints page.

In a previous incarnation - one where UT was running badly, but running at
all - the sound worked without any problems.  UT made sound run either with or
without Gnome, and the sound-event manager could play sounds.  I could cat
..wav files to /dev/dsp with Gnome loaded and it worked.  Lastly, UT could run
(badly) with or without Gnome (incidently, I would execute xinit from the bash
prompt and then load twm to avoid Gnome).  So I don't know what I did that
time to get it to work, but I wish I could do it again <:)

So anyways, if someone has a clue as to why esd is not working, please tell me
and I'll try to fix it.  At some point I plan to try to get UT running with a
Voodoo3 card, which has a completely different set of drivers it uses, so if
people are interested, I'll post my results.


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