Network software problem..

Ghovs ghovs at
Fri Dec 8 01:24:38 PST 2000

> Hello all,
>  I recently installed the network software as described in the LFS online
> manual and have come accross a problem. I cannot ping myself, or any other
> computer on the network. I am using a network card compliant to nec2000pci
> (I had it working on my beginning distro). I enabled it in the kernel (not
> a module) and the interface seems to come up okay when booting. Another
> thing that I noticed is that my login prompt still says "(none) login:",
> which may may have something to do with it but maybe that is just normal.
> The following are errors that I recieve.
> ping <My IP address>
> nieghbor table overflow
> ping localhost
> network is unreachable
> ping <network computer IP address>
> network is unreachable
> Thanx,
> Stranded in Good ole Lodi

Hm, what do you get out of `route -n` and `ifconfig`?

have you run `ifconfig eth0 IP_OF_ETH0 netmask NETMASK_OF_ETH0` and 
`route add default gw IP_OF_YOUR_GATEWAY`?

Are you sure you don't need DHCPcd?

To fix the (none) thing, run /sbin/hostname -f /etc/hostname after making an 
/etc/hostname containing, surprisingly, your desired hostname on a single 

The best place to put this is in the network init script

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