Why boot scripts in /etc

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at gmx.de
Fri Dec 8 02:04:36 PST 2000

> someone to want this. Isn´t sysv-init-style something like a standard?
> Just curious.

Kind of, although I'd say Linux's "natural" init would be simpleinit as it 
is part of the util-LINUX package, whereas sysvinit is just inherited from 
ancient System V. It is to hope that the new simpleinit (as of util-linux-
2.10q) will replace sysvinit in a lot of places. It has been extended with 
the ability to "execute" whole directories of boot scripts and includes a 
real dependency scheme, whereas sysvinit just has those sequence numbers. 
Simpleinit also keeps track of started services by itself so that the 

need -r runlevel.3

could be used to go from runlevel 5 to runlevel 2. Simpleinit would 
automatically call the scripts for runlevels 3 and up with the "stop" 
parameter in reverse order in which they were started. No need for 
complicated rc scripts and most of all, no need for K* and S* symlinks.

You can read more about the new simpleinit at


He has definitely convince me to dump sysvinit and build my LFS system 
with simpleinit.


Who is this General Failure,
and why is he reading my disk ?

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