Why boot scripts in /etc

Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Dec 8 05:02:25 PST 2000

On December  8, 2000 05:04 am, you wrote:
> > The usual place is /etc unless you're using an oddball or antiquated
> > version of unix. What system are you referring to when you say "usual
> > place"? It's /etc on linux,
> That should have been "natural" instead of "usual". There is no usual
> place for the boot scripts, it seems. SuSE uses /sbin/init.d, Halloween
> uses /etc/rc.d/init.d and LFS uses /etc/init.d.
> Anyway, I think that /sbin would be the *natural* choice because scripts
> are executables and executables don't go into /etc.

That whole concept is mostly what you prefer. There's not wrong or right 
place for the scripts.It's just what you are used to. If you have used Redhat 
for a long time you are used to and probably want to use /etc/rc.d If you 
have used Debian for a long time you are used to and probably want to use 
/etc (that's why I chose /etc but I don't mind /etc/rc.d either. It's just I 
made that choice in lfs-howto-1.0 and well it works fine for me. It's not 
needed to change it in the book. You can do that for yourself.). Others are 
used to and want to use /sbin - it's all very subjective to your experiences

I have even consid

Gerard Beekmans

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