way to go Microsoft

Kurt V. Hindenburg k.hindenburg at gte.net
Fri Dec 8 09:27:14 PST 2000

Gerard Beekmans [gerard at linuxfromscratch.org] wrote:
> <bdumm> "According to a BugTraq administrative note, they are no longer able 
> to publish Microsoft Bulletins. They are copyrighting their bug reports so 
> that others can not publish them."
As I understood the discussion on BugTraq (I'm subscribed) is that the
moderator is only allowing emails that detail the ENTIRE bug.  That is
emails that only point to web site are not allowed on BugTraq.  Since MS
send emails to BugTraq point to their web site, they will not be
send to the BugTraq mailing list...


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