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Fri Dec 8 13:02:54 PST 2000

Misquoted from Gerard Beekmans on Fri, Dec 08, 2000 at 08:49:26AM -0500:
> > > * see which packages need a make info&&make info-install in order for the
> > > info pages to be installed
> >
> > This should save you some time:
> Hi, 3 months later but not forgotten about this (it just had been sitting on 
> the TODO list for a while)
> > The following are installed before texinfo:
> > bison, diffutils, ed, findutils, gcc, m4
> >
> > Their info can be installed from outside chroot:
> > install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/????.info $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
> So I run that command exactly like that including the 4 question marks?

Not exactly - change the ???? to the package name eg:

[richard at urusai tasks]# grep install-info *
autoconf:    install-info -s "GNU admin" $LFS/usr/share/info/\
autoconf:    install-info -s "GNU admin" $LFS/usr/share/info/\
binutils:       su $install_user -c "make install-info"
bison:    install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/ $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
diffutils:      install-info -e\
e2fsprogs:    install-info -s "Libraries" $LFS/usr/share/info/\
ed:    install-info -e\
findutils:      su $install_user -c "make install-info"
findutils:    install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/ $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
gcc:      install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/   $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
gzip:    install-info -e\
m4:    install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/ $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
tar:    install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/ $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
util-linux:    install-info $LFS/usr/share/info/ $LFS/usr/share/info/dir
wget:    install-info -e\

The order that the packages gets installed has changed, so different ones
need help installing their info. I have not yet modified my scripts to
match so my old e-mail, and the above are no longer good lists.


su $install_user & su $build_user are taking far more work than I expected,
so it my be some time before I deal with info.

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