LILO Fatal error

Florian Wilhelm Florian.Wilhelm at
Sat Dec 9 10:11:15 PST 2000

I have got a little problem with LILO.
I compiled and installed it as described 
in the LFS-Book, but I made some changes in
the lilo.conf by my own. I dont want to use
a boot-partition in between the first 1023
cylinders like SuSE 7.0 does. So I added the
entry "lba32" to lilo.conf. Now it should be
possible to boot from my LFS-Partition (/dev/hda3),
but when I run lilo I get following message:
FATAL: Empty map section
I read the lilo and lilo.conf manual, but I
didnt get any further. Also the Readmes in
the LILO directory couldnt help me.
I hope YOU can help me.
Thanks for any help!

Further information:
-I dont have forgotten to copy the
 into /boot
-My BIOS is only half an year old, so it should
 support lba32
-My harddisk is a Quantum Fireball EX12.7A
-I use Linux from Scratch 2.4.3

And here is my lilo.conf:
# Begin /etc/lilo.conf
boot   	   = /dev/hda
message    = /boot/message
vga	   = normal
default    = linux
install    = /boot/boot-menu.b
menu-title = "How may I serve You?"
timeout	= 10
  image  = /boot/vmlinuz
  label  = linux
  root   = /dev/hda4
  image  = /boot/lfskernel
  label  = lfs
  root   = /dev/hda3 
# End /etc/lilo.conf

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