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Jeffery McLean jeffery at meowpawjects.com
Sun Dec 10 09:07:35 PST 2000

On Sunday 10 December 2000 02:23 am, you wrote:
> I know that in Windows you can run programs from anywhere if they are in
> Windows/WinNT, system/system32 or Command directories.
> But how does this work in Linux? I'm installing LFS system and I'm in
> chroot'ed environment and I can run programs from /bin folder. But I didn't
> notice setting that folder to "executableFromEverywhere".
> Can anyone explain? What folders exactly are executableFromEverywhere
> folders in Linux?

You can set your search path..
Example.. in Bash you'd do...

export PATH="/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin"

in $home/.profile/

To make life a little less intresting (In case you wanted to make more

You can have a unviersal bash profile in

Or.... alterntively

/home/user/bin/filename instead of just filename

oh and ./ means "Where I am standing" so ./filename will run filename
in the same directory you are allready in..
~/bin/filename will run filename in the bin directory in your home directory

Please note it is a BAD THING to run programs inside your privilage...

Viruses spread first by download second by attaching themselfs
to other programs... With Unix this won't work normally...
users only have run privilage from the bin directorys..

normally running root (with total unrestricted access) or running
programs in your privilaged directorys (/home/user/ etc)
could allow a virus to infect you...

This won't prevent viruses from getting into your system...
It will just prevent them from infecting.. they'll still be there
(ala trojen)

To prevent them entirely.. download source code... viruses infect binarys...

Finnaly.. why do I bother saying this while saying Unix is virus proof..
Well.. in 30 years Unix has had only one virus... That virus was for Linux
and showed up in the 1990s... It's dead now becouse people take
the nesssisary precautions to prevent it...
But the Windows community has yet to drop this... "When Linux gets viruses"
When when.. ohh becouse we aren't prepaired...
So I guess I say it more for the benifit of them than the benifit of us..
It has happend becose some people were stupidly lazy and wrote
games to run as root...

Anyway :) sorry for the rant...

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