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Sun Dec 10 13:32:03 PST 2000

On Sunday 10 December 2000 18:18, you wrote:
> Hi
> I'm sorry for always posting messages on this list, but I hope this is one
> of the last messages.
> I have completed installing my LFS system! But now I want to ask:
> 1. I know I have to use loadkeys to change keyboard layout. But when I
> reboot the default US layout is there again. How can I change the default
> keyboard layout?

Just at it to the boot scripts, either by inserting it in one, or adding a 
separate script for it.

> 2. Any ideas where I can get started setting up my sound card (Sound
> Blaster AWE 64). (RedHat had soundconfig which did it all automatically)?

Check your kernel, and perhaps isapnptools

> 3. Any ideas where I can get started setting up my mouse?

For the console, you can use `gpm -t ps2` to have cut&paste work there.
X should pick up your mouse automagically.

> Thanks alot.
> --
> Shlok Smári Datye

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