[OT] Roggenfloggen - nerdfood-HOWTO

Jeffery McLean jeffery at meowpawjects.com
Sun Dec 10 18:21:37 PST 2000

On Sunday 10 December 2000 01:12 pm, you wrote:

> While I do appreciate all the work that Gerard has done for us
> he apparently does not believe that most people want their software to
> perform as intended.

I personally suspect most people when given a choice between the
most effective solution and the most standard one would choise
to be "effective"...

At the extream of "effective" you have webpages and e-mail
that works only with Microsofts products. Sacraficing compatability
for effecency and "features".

On the other extream is compatability...
This is complying with standards even when the standards are absolut BS.

As for this list.. again... it shouldn't be a problem for any given e-mail 

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