[OT] Roggenfloggen - nerdfood-HOWTO

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Sun Dec 10 23:34:38 PST 2000

+-Julie Churchwell-(juliechurchwell at home.com)-[10.12.00 22:20]:
> information! While I do appreciate all the work that Gerard has done for us
> he apparently does not believe that most people want their software to
> perform as intended. I don't have time or the patience to figure out this
> kind of inconsistency so my next message will be an unsubscribe to the list.

If you were using the right software you won't have any problems - even
with a reply-to: header that nearly _all_ mailinglists have I am
subscribed in. So I believe this _is_ standard and should be used like
one. Gerard tried to disable it, but suddenly some users were not able
to reply correctly anymore, because they expected the reply-button to
send replies back to the list.

mutt e.g. makes it possible to use L to send answers to the list (if you
say that it is a mailinglist in mutts config) and "r" replies to the
author (with asking if it should be sent to the reply-to)
> I guess you just can't trust anyone anymore.

To say it with X-Files:

        Trust noone.


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