Unreal Tournament, libesd, agpgart

Eric A. Ayer mwalker at ee.pdx.edu
Mon Dec 11 08:21:36 PST 2000

> Sounds like you could use #nvidia on irc.openprojects.com.
> They've got a the latest drivers (usually before nvidia posts them on
> their site), a script to "check" the installation (warns about the files
> you mention that have to be removed/renamed), agpgart backports (from 2.4
> to 2.2), and lots of other goodies, not to mention a patch for the
> NVdriver module to compile against 2.4.0-test10 & 11.
> Jeremy

I got the newest NVidia driver from the above channel, and that kind of seemed
to help.  In running UT, I found that it would work ok for a couple/few levels
and then just get messed up.  It would start accessing disk a lot, and become
totally unplayable.  Finally I CTRL-ALT-F2'd out of the game during one of
these periods, and found that the total system memory had changed from 128M to
35M.  Almost all of that 35Meg was being used.  That explains the disk access,
but the reason that memory disappeared is a mystery.

I also got AGPGart from #nvidia, and UT crashed within minutes using it the
first time, and wouldn't load the second.

Still ain't figgered out the sound :(


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