Munging reply-to header (was: Re: [OT] Roggenfloggen...)

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Mon Dec 11 12:29:18 PST 2000

> Except myself and the people behind

I am well aware of all the facts stated in that document. I would be an 
ignorant list admin if I didn't read the docs for list admins before starting 
to manage lists.

That aside, the reason why I munge reply-to is the following:
not everybody uses a client that you can tell to reply to the list only (like 
mutt can do). So those people need to use the group-reply button. That's very 
nice in itself. It sends a message to the author and to the mailinglist. That 
means for every reply to a message posted by you, you will two replies. One 
directed at you personally, one to the list. I got complains about this in 
the past and I know I will get complaints again. I say if the majority of the 
frequent posters on this list get annoyed with the double message (I for one 
get highly annoyed with that. It's not that I receive one or two double 
messages a day, in my case it's closer to a few hundred doubles a day, just 
over the lfs mailinglists).

Sure, I know, I manage the lists so it's not your guys' fault that I'd 
receive those doubles and I understand that. That's why if it was just me I 
wouldn't be munging the headers. The delete key works very nicely.

But the point is still that there are a lot of people here that don't like 
receiving double messages. Also, the just want to hit reply and expect the 
message to end up on the mailinglist wihtout them having to remove the 
personal author's address from the TO: or CC: field.

I know these aren't solid grounds for my doing this. I also disagree with 
this line from that website:

Your subscribers don't want you to do it. Or, at least the ones who have 
bothered to read the docs for their mailer don't want you to do it. 

If they don't like this, all they need to do is send a message to the list or 
to me personally and ask if it can be disabled because it's inconvenient for 
them. It's arrogant to think that everybody who read the docs automaticaly 
will not like the reply-to munging. I read all the docs. I am well aware of 
the group-reply and I hate it. I hate having to remove the author's email 
address from the To: field when I reply to a message on a mailinglist because 
I can understand that there are others who may not like the double messages 
(i'm sure I'm not the only one who think it's a waste of bandwidth, disk 
space and all that to have to download two copies of the exact same email due 
to laziness on the sender's behalve).

So far Seth (if he's still on this list) is the only person out of a few 
hundred on this list who complained about this. One person not liking the 
current setup isn't enough reason for me to chagne this I'm afraid. Are there 
any other people here who don't like the reply-to munging? (no i don't need a 
51% majority to make the change. A 51% majority of the frequent posters 
usually makes me change things)

So speak up or be silent forever (well until the next person brings up this 

Gerard Beekmans

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