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Mon Dec 11 12:37:43 PST 2000

On December  8, 2000 06:40 pm, you wrote:
> Why is mounting and unmounting done in separate scripts instead of one
> script that evaluates "start" and "stop"?

1) it has been like that from lfs-howto-0.0.1
2) debian did it that way (i modelled the boot script named according to that)

one script to do the same sounds better yes. I have thought about it but 
never could come up with a good name for the script. 'mountfs' doesn't go. 
It's misleading "mountfs stop" as you don't stop mounted file systems. Come 
up with a good name that makes sense and I'll move things around a bit. Or 
come up with a name and create the script yourself, send it so I don't have 
to create the new script (mostly copy/paste I know but still...)

Gerard Beekmans

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