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Brett generica at
Mon Dec 11 23:23:12 PST 2000


As was pointed out before, this is ludicrous.
you gain _NOTHING_ by doing this.
Indeed, building sound and ethernet as modules is a bit silly anyway, for
normal usage, however....

adding these to /etc/modules.conf

alias eth0 8139too
alias sound emu10k1 

will let the kernel automatically load the modules when needed
there is _utterly_ no need for your loading of modules at boot
let me repeat that
there is _utterly_ no need for your loading of modules at boot
this is why we have kmod

at boot, nothing is loaded... you load xmms, which says to the kernel "i
need sound" ... kernel says, we don't have it, and checks if its as a
module.  modules.conf says "yes, thats handled by emu10k1" .. kmod calls
modprobe, which loads the module... you have sound

now, a _proper_ usage for modules....
my old lappy, which has low ram.

At home, i mount stuff with smbfs.. at work, with nfs.
So, the lappy has smb stuff and nfs stuff as modules, so I only need one
set loaded, depending on where it is, saving on ram.

Unless you don't use your sound or network card a _lot_ of the time, there
is no benefit to using modules, and no matter WHAT, there is no benefit to
building something as a module and then loading it at boot, whether you
need it or not.

are we all clear now ?? :)

	/ Brett

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, J. Jones wrote:
> If you're interested, this is my modules script.
> echo "Loading required kernel modules.. "
> echo
> # Update dependencies.
> /sbin/depmod -a
> # Load the modules I need.
> for i in `cat /etc/rc.d/sysconfig/modules`
> do
>         /sbin/modprobe $i
> done
> echo
> Then in /etc/rc.d/sysconfig/modules, I have each module I need loaded on
> one line each.
> 8139too
> emu10k1

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