Matthias Benkmann m.s.b at
Tue Dec 12 03:19:09 PST 2000

> On December  8, 2000 06:40 pm, you wrote:
> > Why is mounting and unmounting done in separate scripts instead of one
> > script that evaluates "start" and "stop"?
> 1) it has been like that from lfs-howto-0.0.1
> 2) debian did it that way (i modelled the boot script named according to that)
> one script to do the same sounds better yes. I have thought about it but 
> never could come up with a good name for the script. 'mountfs' doesn't go. 
> It's misleading "mountfs stop" as you don't stop mounted file systems.

That lies in the eye of the beholder. I use the name mountfs and it 
doesn't bother me. Besides, I need it like that because I use the new 
simpleinit that automatically calls scripts in reverse order with "stop" 
parameter. Otherwise I'd have to use "unmountfs stop" which is pretty 
But you could use the name "filesystems" or rather "localfs" (in contrast 
to nfs). I think that makes sense. If you consider local filesystems as a 
service just like network filesystems, the stop command stops that 
service. And just like after stopping a http daemon makes http://blabla 
unaccessible, stopping the filesystems service makes /blabla unaccessible.

> up with a good name that makes sense and I'll move things around a bit. Or 
> come up with a name and create the script yourself, send it so I don't have 
> to create the new script (mostly copy/paste I know but still...)

I'd send you my script but as it's modified, you better create one that 
suits your taste.


Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

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