sysklogd-1.4 w/kernel 2.4.0-testXX?

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Dec 12 11:59:28 PST 2000

On December 12, 2000 01:59 pm, you wrote:
> I'd look at the archives, but has been dead
> at least since yesterday, and I don't save many messages from the list...

My fault. In a nutshell: snow storm, power failure, rebooting, boot script initialized eth0 but not eth0:1 which is 
needed for to work (all other subdomain are 
named based, but is accessible by FTP as well 
and ProFTPd doesn't like name based virtual hosts so I had to add a dedicated 
IP to please proftpd). Everything should be running ok again and next time it 
reboots it'll work (just fixed the bootscripts. everything's ok now)

Gerard Beekmans

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