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Tue Dec 12 12:08:49 PST 2000

Re: Type+Note?  Argh, try to point out a typo, and make one myself!

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> On December 12, 2000 02:30 pm, you wrote:
> > Also, we need to make sure Tom Veldhouse's patch makes it's way into the
> > next LFS revision, if it isn't already.
> I don't think so. The LFS book isn't based on 2.4 kernels but on 2.2 kernels. 
> sysklogd compiles fine when using a 2.2 kernel, which the book suggests, so 
> the patch won't make it to the LFS book. Not yet. It will when 2.4 kernel 
> becomes stable.

My fault--I even tried to make myself remember that point (that LFS is
directed at using kernel 2.2).  But, maybe it would be worth an additional
page of side-notes for people using kernel 2.4?  So far, though, this is
about the only noteworthy thing I've discovered.  I'm currently at the
point of setting up the init scripts, but I'm going to re-order them to
put them in the /etc/rc.d/... hierarchy rather than /etc/...  I guess I
was brought up under Redhat for too long, so that's pretty well engrained
in my brain right now to expect them there =).

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