Frustrated giving up

Florin Boariu florin at
Tue Dec 12 13:19:18 PST 2000


I know, that's not the way Turbo Man would act like, but however... ;-)

I managed to create a boot image for my ppc, and even managed to set up
networking on it (sash, fileutils, net-utils), but I failed in trying to
make ftp work. It always says something like "unknown service: ftp/tcp". I
copied /etc/services to the disk image, but it doesn't help... I know, the
answer to this probably hides somewhere inside the 2.4.3 book...

One of the biggest reasons it's very difficult to cross-compile stuff is
that a lot of packages are not meant to be cross-compiled. gcc, glibc and
some others with cross-compiling options were not easy, but compared to
the rest a piece o'cake. They all have different build systems, some of
which are simple and the others complicated, but almost all are broken
regarding cross-compiling. I could cheat at some corners (for example bash
or sash, fileutils...) by changing the config.cache or the Makefile by
hand to fit my needs, but a lot of them have building systems that simply
suck. ftp, for example, I had to compile by hand (for i in *c do gcc...)
and then stick it together. But I can't do this to each and every package,
most packages are too big for that. I need a running system by Christmas
and this way it takes too long.

I managed to install a linuxppc on the machine. Don't ask how -- it's Red
Hat based, it sucks, it's buggy and half of the packages fail with error
256, whatever that means. It gave me almost as much headache as the
cross-compiling. However, a gcc and automake/autoconf are running, so I'll
start with LFS soon. I actually intended to keep the whole space in one
partition for LFS, but seems like I can't...

Sorry to disappoint everybody (anybody?) I might try it again when I'll
get very very bored, but that's not likely to happen soon |-)

best regards,

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