Direcory creation and FHS

tristan twem2 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Tue Dec 12 15:23:18 PST 2000

I've been looking at the directory creation in LFS 2.4.2 and have a few
FHS 2.1 has no /usr/doc /usr/info or /usr/man listed, but as these are
links to the equivalents in /usr/share I am presuming that they are there
for backwards compatability.
FHS 2.1 specifies that /usr/tmp should be a link to /var/tmp
Also why are /usr/etc and /usr/var there? /usr/etc is empty on my RH 6.2
installation and /usr/var doesn't exist and neither are in the FHS
Oh and /usr/games is missing, but I don't suppose that's critical :-)
The same goes for /usr/local
Last question is what is the difference in use between /usr and


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