gzip - to patch or not to patch

Ghovs ghovs at ghovs.moo.ca
Tue Dec 12 17:46:39 PST 2000

On Tuesday 12 December 2000 23:45, you wrote:
> > Hey:
> >
> > In the static install (i.e. ch#5) of gzip the patch gzip-1.2.4a.patch.gz
> > is applied to gzip-1.2.4a.tar.gz
> >
> > In the chroot install (i.e. ch#6) the patch is not mentioned.
> >
> > Obviously I didn't notice this the last time through. Just curious.
> The patch is only needed outside chroot when you start with a Glibc-2.0
> based system. If glibc-2.1 based (like inside chroot) the patch isn't
> needed

Is it conceivable that using the patch anyway would be harmful in the chroot 
environment, or leave you with a slightly slower binary?

Just curious ;)

Peter de Freitas

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