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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Tue Dec 12 22:48:24 PST 2000


Sorry for the double post, but i consider this important enough that
lfs-apps and alfs-discuss should hear about it/comment/rant/etc

On Tue, Dec 12, 2000 at 02:44:43PM -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> There aren't as many people actively working on ALFS as me and Jesse had 
> orignally hoped for (hopefully Jesse hasn't regretted to take the offer to 
> lead ALFS yet ;) We're still expecting that more people will start helping 
> out once something that works has been released. But it's easy going. I 
> myself have to split my time between LFS and ALFS, but I have made a decision 
> to do no coding on ALFS, or at least to the very minimum. I just know what 
> will happen once I start coding. Nobody else codes so I take over since 
> "somebody gotto do it". I just can't do that. This means that currently Bryan 
> (our employer) is working on a perl backend (but he has to run a company as 
> well so he has not all the time in the world to work on it understandably) 
> and Jesse works on whatever he works on (miscelaneous things like backend, 
> profile, racks his brain on IPC and so forth). What am I doing for ALFS? Not 
> a whole lot to be honest, I'm not the project leader (well I'm the 'global' 
> leader if you will. I oversee it but am not leading the ALFS subproject). 
> I've worked on the profile and am still waiting to improve it (after bryan's 
> done with his modifications to the profile).

I have always been willing to lead ALFS...but i'm not prepared todo so,
not untill those that are invovled (Gerard, Bryan, alfs-discuss) agree,
that i should take on the responsibility of leading the project.

Why? lets all be honest... because i wonder if i am the right person to
take on that position, because i wonder if i can do everything that will
be asked, i wonder if i have enough enough patience to really lead, i
wonder about my future.

ALFS has been a big boat going no where for the last 6 months, don't get
me wrong, there have been two key things (syntax and profile) that are
almost [1]finished, but not as much as what should or would have been done,
if there has been someone leading the project.

I've been thinking about alot of things in the last month.. especially
as on the '17 of this month, i'll be turning 18, i'm still very young ;)

> If anybody here is interested in helping out just subscribe to alfs-discuss 
> and let us know what you are able to do (programming wise). We still need 
> quite a bit of help

It doesn't even have todo with programming, we _really_ need a website
done, even if that means backporting the LFS website (which i'll
problably do, if nothing comes up)

Along with a million other small things, like doing some documentation
work on the DocBook SGML Syntax, a little PR for the project, getting
more users and developers interested, helping out in the design/process
for the IPC.. money, cars, woman and your soul, j/k ;)

We only have three people working on ALFS right now, Gerard, Bryan and
Myself, and nothing has been happening on the mailing list, so this is
what i'm going todo to get a bit more action going under ALFS, untill i
hear a better way;

There has been a HUGE number of LFS'ers asking about a way to install
LFS without having to have an installed Distro first, so i'm going to
[2]finish the ALFS Bootable subproject.

At least then, we have a part of the project everyone will find handy to
have and hopefully we can gain some developers...

Dunno anymore, i'm sad about ALFS at this point, there has been lots of
ppl that have said they want to help out, or the project is cool, but so
far it has been just that, talk.

So, anyways... i'm going to send this now, before i edit it again and
rant more ;)

Please give your two bits of advice, even if you don't know alot about
ALFS or those invovled....... some feedback is needed, good and bad.

[1] They are at a production level now, nothing is ever finished, but
they are usable ;)

[2] Get at a usable level and release it under ALFS.

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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