bash and sh

Uwe Kramer krameru at
Wed Dec 13 01:05:57 PST 2000

Hello everybody,

first of all: My LFS-System is up and running and a lot of fun. A 
big thank you for starting this project.

There is just one problem: bash and sh are not the same, but sh is 
just a link to bash (no kidding, I checked it).
Proof: When I log in, /etc/profile and ~/.profile are read - no 
When I enter a new shell typing "bash" ~/.bashrc is read - no 
problem. But when I enter a new shell typing "sh" NOTHING is read 
and there are built-in shell-commands missing - "which" for example.

Since all shell-scripts start with !/bin/sh there could be a 
problem. For example kark,the kde-archiv-tool. It is looking for 
tar,bzip,etc. using the which-command. It doesn´t find one and 
didn´t work until wrote a short script /bin/which just containing 
the line "type".

I am sorry this somewhat lengthy, but I really have no idea why 
/bin/sh and /bin/bash are different and what to do about it.

Thank you for your help.


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