bash and sh

Brett generica at
Wed Dec 13 01:33:44 PST 2000


Yes, you're right...

What happens is that when bash is run, it checks whether it was called as
sh or bash, and either uses proper bash mode, or sh mode...
The same thing happens with csh/tcsh, or vi/vim, for that matter.

since bash is a superset of sh, it can run in 'restricted' sh mode quite
easily, eliminating the need for (a probably unsupported) sh install.

	/ Brett

On Wed, 13 Dec 2000, Uwe Kramer wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> first of all: My LFS-System is up and running and a lot of fun. A 
> big thank you for starting this project.
> There is just one problem: bash and sh are not the same, but sh is 
> just a link to bash (no kidding, I checked it).

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