Installing onto a Debian system... install-info problems

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Wed Dec 13 14:12:52 PST 2000

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> On December 13, 2000 07:33 am, you wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I'm trying to install LFS onto a system currently running Debian
> > (2.2r0).... I'm getting an error whenever install-info is called.. it
> > complains about the --dir-file option not being valid. I remember I
> > this one before... b/c I used to have an LFS system running!, but I
> > recall how... can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.
> it happens because debian's texinfo package (specifically the makeinfo
> program) is an old version (if they upgrade it breaks the dselect program
> some reason). You could try to uninstall texinfo, install a newer texinfo
> (the one that LFS Book uses), go up to chroot, remove texinfo from Debian,
> install the texinfo debian package again.
> --
> Gerard Beekmans

Thanks for your response. (As an aside, one of the things I love about linux
in general, and LFS in particular, is the stellar support from users and
creators). I just have one (or two) more questions:
1. Is it possible to compile the first set of packages (the statically
linked ones), at least, without running install-info, delaying their info
installation until after the chroot into the LFS enviornment?
2. Should this be documented in the book?
Thanks a lot!

--Mike Miller
mhmtech at

P.S. The worst thing about not having my linux box up... having to write an
email in Outlook Express!

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