Munging reply-to header (was: Re: [OT] Roggenfloggen...)

Michael Renzmann mrenzmann at
Thu Dec 14 01:12:00 PST 2000


> So speak up or be silent forever (well until the next person brings
> up this discussion)

As I am the person who brought up this discussion (iirc... dunno
exactly, had a 4 days holiday trip and nearly dropped all "has to do
with work" things :) ) I would like to say the following: I understand
both sides. I remembered the page the link was posted for, and I agreed
with it some time ago. Meanwhile I slightly changed my opinion on that,
mostly because of Gerards postings. I also attend more than one mailing
lists, digging through the bunches of mails I receive every day occupies
a lot of time. Having less mails is nice, and just hitting "Reply" for
an answer instead of "Reply-All" and "Remove address" (for Netscape,
which I use at the moment) is ok for most of the replies.

Just my 0.02$.

Bye, Mike

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