NFS on an LFS machine

Caleb Land bokonon at
Thu Dec 14 11:59:37 PST 2000

Hello all!
	I have a question about NFS.

	I have a file server with NFS shares that I can mount on my RedHat
machine, and other machines, but I can't seem to access them from LFS.
When I type something like:

	mount -t nfs deepthought:/mp3s /mp3s

	the command sits there, and I have to wait a while, and kill it to
get my terminal back (I can't ^C out, or ^Z).  I most likely need to
install something that isn't part of the base LFS system.  I have
installed everything listed in the book, plus other things like X, Gnome,
links, and other tools.

	My question: is there something that I have to install which is
not listed in the NFS book?  I read the NFS howto, and the NFS *server*
hint, but I didn't install the stuff listed since I figured that it was
for an NFS server only.  I have NFS compiled in my kernel (2.4.0-test12
(w/ the same config as my RedHat box))

Caleb Land

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