sulogin and shadow

Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Thu Dec 14 12:00:56 PST 2000

> On December 13, 2000 03:57 pm, you wrote:
> > Does the sulogin from sysvinit work with shadow passwords and md5
> > checksums? If not, the LFS book should be changed so that the shadowpwd
> > sulogin is installed and not overwritten by the sysvinit one. BTW, it
> > seems that the make install from shadowpwd forgets to install sulogin. Has
> > anyone else observed this behaviour?
> sulogin from sysvinit knows about shadow yes. If it knows about MD5 I don't 
> know frankly. I will look into it to get shadow password's sulogin to compile 
> (it'd prefer that one anyways)

AFAIR it compiles fine when you do "make". It just seems that "make 
install" forgets to install it. 


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