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On Fri, 15 Dec 2000, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote:

> So - was the subject your way of getting attention called to your posting?

Yes and no -- actually it has historical reasons. But since you asked and
I have to defend my honor, I'll tell:

About 2 years ago a project existed that had as aim to creade some kind of
Lotus-Notes-like software, IIRC. I'm not sure about the name, I didn't
care too much about that project and I don't care too much about it today

But anyway, a friend of mine was reading their mailing list. The project
was just about to implement some algorithms for data encription. And I was
reading some stuff (a Romanian book) about cryptography. My friend told me
that the project leader complained that he did not have any docs about the
El Gamal public key encription method, so I translated few pages from that
Romanian book into English and sent them to the project leader (I'm a
little bit altruistic, never mind that). I packed both the PS and the
LaTeX sources with bzip2, which at that time wasn't that popular.

My friend told me few days later that the project leader posted on the
list a message to inform the others about the documentation, and he also
said that he first had to download bzip2 -- he didn't even knew it

My friend replied to that I am also known as the moderator of -- it was actually a joke.

And that's the history of my subject line -- it's rather supposed to be a
little funny, and maybe a little nostalgic for me. Of course, I am well
aware that the word "sex" also makes curious :) But it wasn't my original
intention to make people curious -- that was rather a positive side

If anybody feels offensed or disturbed, I apologize.

best regards,

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