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> Okay, here we go--I've searched the lfs mail archives for this problem,
> and found it.  What I didn't find was the solution.  This problem rears
> its ugly, ugly head when attempting to install gcc-2.95.2 on a system
> with glibc-2.2.  I've done the static compiles of both without error,
> however now I'm in the chroot environment and at the point with gcc
> where you do "make bootstrap" and I'm getting THIS:
> ../../../gcc-2.95.2/libio/ In method `struct streampos
> indirectbuf::seekoff(long long int, ios::seek_dir, int = 3)':
> ../../../gcc-2.95.2/libio/ `struct streampos' used where
> a `inst' was expected
> ../../../gcc-2.95.2/libio/ `struct streampos' used where
> a `int' was expected
> ../../../gcc-2.95.2/libio/ `struct streampos' used where
> a `int' was expected
> ../../../gcc-2................okay, i think you get the idea.  It goes
> on and on like that until the familiar:
> make[2]: *** [indstream.o] Error 1
> Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  The full slew of error output is in a
> mail message in the lfsapps archive (from llhorian at, subject
> " this also glibc?").  Now, the GNU C Libraries v2.2 are
> _stable_ at this point in time (well, according to freshmeat at least). 
> In the mailing list archives, the common reason for this problem not
> being resolved was the fact that at the time the glibc libraries that
> were causing this problem were not stable, but now they are.  Please
> please please help me.  I think this falls under the heading of "when
> {insert just-recently-beta version of some software here} is stable,
> we'll support it".  The Glibc 2.2 libraries are stable, and i'm using a
> stable gcc-2.95.2, so please please pretty please oh for the love of god
> please for the sake of all that is good please help me!
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Just apply this patch to the gcc 2.95.2 sources :)

Greetings, Mario

PS: You can also find this issue in the gcc bugreports.
It's a gcc problem, not a glibc one.
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