Newbie question!

chrislapthorn at chrislapthorn at
Sun Dec 17 06:57:33 PST 2000

Hi folks, greetings from England,

I have just started on LFS and fell over at the first fence when installing bash, although managed to get it to work eventually.

Initially I got a make error saying that termcap couldn't be found, even though rpm confirmed that the termcap package was installed. Looking through the docs I noticed that one of the commands suggested was different from the book (version 2.4.3). The command given in the book was --with-ncurses but the INSTALL file suggests --with-curses. When I tried the second option it installed ok.

Can anyone explain this? It would be useful to know how and why things like this happen. 

I'm using Mandrake 7.2 on an i586 and have a little experience of Linux, but as a hobbyist only so don't have any detailed knowledge.



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