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Sun Dec 17 07:08:22 PST 2000

On Sunday 17 December 2000 15:57, you wrote:
> Hi folks, greetings from England,
> I have just started on LFS and fell over at the first fence when installing
> bash, although managed to get it to work eventually.
> Initially I got a make error saying that termcap couldn't be found, even
> though rpm confirmed that the termcap package was installed. Looking
> through the docs I noticed that one of the commands suggested was different
> from the book (version 2.4.3). The command given in the book was
> --with-ncurses but the INSTALL file suggests --with-curses. When I tried
> the second option it installed ok.
> Can anyone explain this? It would be useful to know how and why things like
> this happen.
> I'm using Mandrake 7.2 on an i586 and have a little experience of Linux,
> but as a hobbyist only so don't have any detailed knowledge.
> Thanks
> Chris

Many distributions only have /lib/* or only /lib/*
What is _very_ often necessary is to create a symlink in /lib to solve this 

However, for the static (first) compilation of bash, it doesn't matter 
terribly much if you wimp out with --with-termcap instead.

It will be replaced later on anyway.

Peter de Freitas

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